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Unnatural Encounters - Publisher's Event

Infinity Land Press is pleased to invite you to a gathering of bodies, a confluence of minds, an assemblage of artists – a site within which language, visuals and music break free of their bonds and then burst forth in an orgy of performance and spectacle. A place and a time in which boundaries dissolve and genres explode, come join us and observe and participate in an evening of unnatural encounters.

  • Line-up ​Doors open 15:00 Event starts 16:00 MICHAEL SALERNO (film screening with an introduction) Break HECTOR MEINHOF (performance) STEVE FINBOW (reading) RJ DENT & KAROLINA URBANIAK (THE SONGS OF MALDOROR book launch/reading + multimedia) AUDREY SZASZ(reading) Break MARTIN BLADH (DES book launch/performance) SHANE LEVENE (reading) THOMAS MOORE (guest reading) PHILIP BEST (reading) Break JUKKA SIIKALA (film screening with an introduction) JACK SARGEANT (reading) DEVIN HORAN (film screening) Event ends Doors close 23:00

Tickets info As we are unable to obtain licence to sell alcohol on the permises, we decided to offer two types of tickets:

Standard - including entry + 2 drinks (wine, beer, or soft drink)

Plus - including entry + 5 drinks (wine, beer, or soft drink)

Please select ~ 'ticket pickup at the venue' while checking out.


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