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Plan for the Abduction of J.G. Ballard
by Jeremy Reed & Audrey Szasz

A seamless, exhilarating collaboration with the torched hydrogen plume of a rocket launch, the synchronistic bonding of Jeremy Reed and Audrey Szasz, sharing a mutual Ballardian gene to expand and reinvent Ballard through what reads like a posthumous extension of his work, feeds directly into Ballard’s vision of visitors from the near future occupying a sensational hyperreal space in the displaced present. Propulsively working off each other’s themed exchanges, the two have succeeded in creating an interactive fiction that rehabilitates both Ballard and his anti-hero Vaughan to a searing junction with post-apocalypse.

JG Ballard on Jeremy Reed:
‘Jeremy Reed’s talent is almost extraterrestrial in its brilliance. He is Rimbaud reconfigured as The Man Who Fell To Earth, a visitor from deep space whose time machine was designed by Lautreamont and de Sade, and powered by the most exotic fuels the imagination has ever devised. Each time he goes out into our mundane world he makes the dust sing.’ 

Todd Swift on Audrey Szasz:
‘Audrey Szasz is a deviant genius of surreal and perverse image-play; her subversive imagination shocks and thrills in equal measure. She may well be the strangest and most disturbing new writer now at work in Britain. If she was in France she would be fêted.’

Illustrated by Martin Bladh

Available Now

Hardbound, 212 pages, 148 x 206mm, limited to 200 copies

ISBN: 978-1-9160091-0-3

0 Plan for the abduction of J. G. Ballar
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About the authors

Jeremy Reed
The most brilliantly imaginative and controversial poet alive, Jeremy Reed has published over 50 books of award-winning poetry, fiction and biography, collaborated on albums with Marc Almond, and has a devotional fanbase. Amongst his recent books are the poetry collections Piccadilly Bongo, Sooner Or Later Frank and Candy4Cannibals, a biography of Lou Reed Waiting For The Man and The Dilly: A Secret history of Piccadilly Rent Boys. His collaboration with Karolina Urbaniak Altered Balance - A Tribute to Coil is due out in a much-expanded version from Infinity Land Press in late 2019.


Audrey Szasz
Audrey Szasz is a London-based writer with roots in Central Europe. Her experimental narratives weave exotic prose-poetry with surreal imagery and transgressive satire. She was discovered by chance in Soho by legendary novelist and poet Jeremy Reed who offered to read her work and, having done so, promptly suggested they collaborate. The resulting novel, The Abduction of JG Ballard published by Infinity Land Press is her debut in print. Her solo novels Sidereal Girl and The Glamour Junta are set to be released later in 2019.

Martin Bladh

Martin Bladh is an artist of multiple mediums. He is a founding member of the post-industrial band IRM, the musical avant-garde unit Skin Area and co-founder of the publishing company Infinity Land Press. His published work includes To Putrefaction, Qualis Artifex Pereo, DES, The Hurtin’ Club, Darkleaks - The Ripper Genome and Marty Page.


by Audrey Szasz
Text fragments
by Jeremy Reed

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