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Three Nails, Four Wounds
by Hector Meinhof

Hector Meinhof has written a book that is both beautiful and cruel. His poetic prose and the doom-laden pictures from his extensive collection of vintage photographs have bled into one tortured, corporeal unity. All these pictures have played a significant part in the writing of Three Nails, Four Wounds. Meinhof has used a tableau of chosen images to keep the narrative flowing, each chapter being concentrated around a specific set of photographs.  
This is the illustrated scripture for the new dark ages, it will be read and beheld again and again  - Martin Bladh

On the outskirts of a small town, on top of the mound called Wolf Hill, lay the insane asylum. It was a

neo-gothic edifice made of brick, with long winding corridors and 
a hundred and eleven rooms: sterile rooms, electric rooms, padded rooms, interrogation rooms with one-way mirrors, a kitchen, a large dining room and a photographic studio in the attic.

In conjunction with the asylum there was a small chapel,
a mortuary, staff quarters and a barn. Behind the barn, 
beside a forest of spruce and fur, the patients’ cemetery stretched itself across the north side of the mound.

It was as though the area had been struck by a peculiar curse. Strange incidents kept occurring, acts of insanity, abuse of animals, unexplained disappearances. 

In the grounds of the insane asylum, seven girls aged eleven were walking about...

Second edition - available now

Softbound with flaps, 238 pages, 103 illustrations, 148 x 180mm + CD 

ISBN 978-0-9927366-8-2

Three Nails, Four Wounds cd.jpg

The second edition of the book will include a CD with a music collaboration between Hector Meinhof, who will read a text collage consisting of extracts from his book, and composer Alexandra Nilsson who derived her soundscapes from limestone, sandstone, slate and electronics.

The piece was recorded at the prominent Electronic Music Studio (EMS), Stockholm, early 2019. 

Collector's edition

Each Collector's Edition set is signed by Meinhof and includes an original vintage photograph from his collection.

About the author
Hector Meinhof

Hector Meinhof is a Swedish author and musician. He is a classically trained percussionist who studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Meinhof has worked with several orchestras and ensembles all around the world. He has been a member of the critically acclaimed percussion ensemble Kroumata, and is a part of the theatrical music and performance duo Hidden Mother. Hector Meinhof is also a collector of antique photography, specialising in post-mortem, medical and religious themes.

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