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by S. M. H

I want to mark the text / to make the murder real / in the space of the unconscious / I want to mark text / with the blood of the spirit / that churns fantasies of pain / onto the pulp of dead trees / I want to mark the seizure / of the exorcised spirit / onto the pulp of its recording / I want to mark the text / like a date on a calendar / marking the turning of the unconscious / in the season of its pain / what dark sin snakes its way in the labyrinth of hallucination? / what is dying in the realm beyond flesh? / Bodies stacking in the darkness of the cosmic mind / a thousand bodies mutilated / by my hand / in the realm of the spirit / atrocities we commit in fiction / are real / bodies stacking ten feet high / the Word of atrocity / vibrating with psychic wounds / The world is fiction / the plague that binds us to this dream / mutilated in blooded heat / a dream / a void / rage vibrating / the  apocalypse of Being / scalding the unconscious / brutal dream / that winds through the desert of sight / words like fire / forest of the unconscious / raped by burns / knitted like a needle / into the roots / of the blistering mind / This is real death

- S. M. H opening statement of Cicatrization 

Illustrated by Karolina Urbaniak

with an interview conducted by Martin Bladh

out now

Softbound, 70 pages, 148 x 206  

ISBN: 978-1-9160091-6-5

release date 29 / 08 / 20

About the author
S. M. H

S.M.H is a writer working in the interstitial spaces of fear, death and faith. S.M.H’s work is an attempt to grapple with the terror inherent in sacred experience, the dark cosmos rattling in the grave of the human body. S.M.H has several chapbooks out through various small presses including The Extinction Cycle, The Agony of the Sun, Rituals and On Appeasing Angry Gods on Void Front Press, and Psalms on Selffuck.



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