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Edited by Steve Finbow


Twenty-three works of art and literature, twenty-three works of discord and desire, zones of contact and regions of conflict, a glossary of the weird and the violent, the erotic and the transgressive, always in a state of flux, constantly reanimating, endlessly mutating. Provocative and poetic, the Infinity Land Press Anthology presents artists and writers who overstep the mark, erase boundaries and confront the horror and sensuality of the human condition, a multi-genre exploration of the imaginative expression of the brutal facts of life.


Stephen Barber - Philip Best - Martin Bladh - Michael Carter - Dennis Cooper - Paul Curran - Zac Farley - Brad Feuerhelm - Steve Finbow - Devin Horan - Marc Hulson - New Juche - Shane Levene - Michael Mc Aloran - Hector Meinhof - Jeremy Reed - Michael Salerno - Jack Sargeant - Gary J. Shipley - Jukka Siikala - S. M. H - Audrey Szasz - - Eugene Thacker - Karolina Urbaniak

Out 1st October 2021

Hardbound, 312 pages, 148 x 210mm  

ISBN: 978-1-8382803-2-1


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