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In 'The House of the Dead', Jeremy Reed’s extraordinary reinvention of Homer’s Books 10 and 11 of ' The Odyssey' to accommodate a world of psychedelic drugs influencing Circe’s off-world island, and a necromantic evocation of dead heroes from the underworld, including Arthur Rimbaud, William Burroughs, Francis Bacon, Sylvia Plath, John Balance and David Bowie amongst other contemporary myths, Homer’s text is reinvented through a subversive poetic vision paralleled by Martin Bladh’s eerie artwork in paralleling Reed’s searing update of the original into a world of more relatable archetypes. 'The House of the Dead' fully realises JG Ballard’s assessment of Jeremy Reed’s talent ‘as almost extraterrestrial in its brilliance.’

by Jeremy Reed

Illustrated by Martin Bladh

The House of the Dead by Jeremy Reed

  • Out 1st October 2023

    Hardcover bound in silk

    72 pages, 190 x 148mm

    Release date: 1st October 2023

    ISBN: 978-1-8382803-4-5

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