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(Shipping 22nd May 2024)


Grave Desire - A Cultural History of Necrophilia

By Steve Finbow


Illustrated by Karolina Urbaniak

Interview conducted by Martin Bladh

Afterword by Richard Marshall


Necrophilia has shadowed humanity throughout its existence, from ancient Egypt, to the Moche culture of Peru, the exploits of the renowned Vampire of Montparnasse, the sexual murders of the Weimar Republic, through to serial killers such as Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer. This new edition of Grave Desire – with artworks by Karolina Urbaniak – delves unflinchingly into the myths, art and practices surrounding this taboo subject. Finding Juliet’s catatonic body and believing she had poisoned herself, it could have crossed Romeo’s mind to act out the unthinkable. Maybe Juliet, seeing Romeo’s corpse, considered a little sexual frottage before she stabbed herself with the phallic dagger. Repulsive yet real, disgusting and disturbing, this is an erotic book of the dead.


“If sex and death are two pivotal obsessions of the human species, Steve Finbow nails both of them simultaneously in his brilliantly incisive cultural and corporeal history of necrophilia. Pathologically and outlandishly good.” —Stephen Barber

“If you only read one book before you die make sure it’s Grave Desire.” —Stewart Home

Grave Desire

  • Out 10th May 2024 - SHIPPING 22nd May 2024

    Hardbound, 316 pages, 148 x210mm

    ISBN 78-1-915908-06-3

    The first edition includes 28 Collector's sets

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