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William Golding has taught us a devastating lesson: to NEVER leave prepubescent boys alone in a make-believe paradise without any kind of adult supervision. But in Michael’s fairy tale, all the heroes are young boys. Grown ups and little girls are totally excluded. The plains and ruins of Oklahoma are swarming with emaciated, half-naked ghost soldiers, all lined up, awaiting another spin in the meatgrinder. Their paper features are burnt, scribbled and crossed out; the tissues ripped apart, corroded and faded; eyes gouged and hollow; torsos disemboweled from the pelvic regions up to the undeveloped adam’s apples. They sometimes comes off as mere victims, unlucky toddlers trapped within a nightmarish limbo, but there are also signs of cockiness and infantile cruelty; they are all potential predators preying on each other in a dog- eat-dog world.


"Childhood" is the first comprehensive monograph of artist and filmmaker Michael Salerno's photographic works. Featuring work spanning almost a decade - many never before published as well as new works created especially for this book - "Childhood" also features an in-depth interview with the artist and a foreword by Martin Bladh.

Childhood by Michael Salerno

  • ISBN 9978-0-9927366-3-7


    180 pages


    Edition limited to 100 copies

  • Michael Salerno is an Australian artist and filmmaker who lives and works in Paris. Employing a variety of media, including photography, collage, video and installation, his work has been featured in numerous magazines, on book and album covers and exhibited in galleries and film festivals across Europe, USA and Australia. He has published numerous fanzines including the infamous annual Teenage Satanists in Oklahoma (2012 - present). His first book, Home (in collaboration with American writer Peter Sotos) was published in 2013 and his second book, the 180-page monograph Childhood was published in 2015. Michael also runs Kiddiepunk, which releases limited edition zines and books.

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