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Infinity Land Press + Amphetamine Sulphate reading event
Infinity Land Press + Amphetamine Sulphate reading event
London's Infinity Land Press and US-based Amphetamine Sulphate combine forces to present a late afternoon of scabrous readings, kinky imaginings and totally free fucking expression. Two publishers. Six writers. Limitless possibilities.

Hector Meinhof

Hector Meinhof is a Swedish author and musician. He is a classically trained percussionist who studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Meinhof has worked with several orchestras and ensembles both in Sweden and in the rest of Europe. He has been a member of the critically acclaimed percussion ensemble Kroumata, and is a part of the scenic music and performance duo Hidden Mother. Hector Meinhof is also a collector of antique photography, specialized in post-mortem, medical and religious themes.

Hector Meinhof will read from Three Nails, Four Wounds which is his first novel.  

Philip Best

Philip Best is the author of American Campgrounds (Creation Books, 2010), Alien Existence (Infinity Land Press, 2016) and Captagon (Amphetamine Sulphate, 2017). He will be reading from his forthcoming book Animal Artist.

Steve Finbow

Steve Finbow’s fiction includes Balzac of the Badlands (Future Fiction London, 2009), Tougher Than Anything in the Animal Kingdom (Grievous Jones Press, 2011), Nothing Matters (Snubnose Press, 2012) and Down Among the Dead (Number Thirteen Press, 2014). His biography of Allen Ginsberg in Reaktion’s Critical Lives series was published in 2011. His other works include Grave Desire: A Cultural History of Necrophilia (Zero Books, 2014) and Notes from the Sick Room (Repeater Books, 2017). He is now working on a book called Being & Happiness. He lives in France.

Finbow will read from Death-Mort-Tod: A European Book of the Dead, a collaboration book with Karolina Urbaniak which is forthcoming from Infinity Land Press this autumn.

Martin Bladh

Martin Bladh is a Swedish-born artist of multiple mediums. His work lays bare themes of violence, obsession, fantasy, domination, submission and narcissism. Bladh is a founding member of the post-industrial band IRM, the musical avant-garde unit Skin Area and co-founder of the publishing company Infinity Land Press. His published work includes To Putrefaction, Qualis Artifex Pereo, DES, The Hurtin’ Club and Darkleaks - The Ripper Genome. He lives and works in London.

Bladh will be reading from his latest book Marty Page forthcoming from Amphetamine Sulphate this summer.

Shane Levene

Shane Levene is an Outsider writer who gained a cult online following with his writings on Memoires of a Heroinhead during a decade-long exile in Lyon, France. In 2015 he authored the Void Ratio (a collaborative book with Karolina Urbaniak). In 2016 he returned home to write in London. His entire body of work can be found on 'The Dirty Works of Shane Levene' site.

Reading: Deathly Hallows (opening text of the Void Ratio) 

                Le Désespoir de La France (The Hopelessness of France) 

                Extracts from Love Letters to Dennis Nilsen (with Martin Bladh) 

Simon Morris

Simon Morris is from the North of England and has a background in underground music, most notably the Ceramic Hobs and Smell & Quim. He began seriously writing in 2015. Author of Consumer Guide (Tegenaria Press, 2016), Creepshots (Amphetamine Sulphate 2017), and Civil War (Amphetamine Sulphate 2018).

He will be reading excerpts from the clandestine and subscribers-only collaborative AS publication Personal Ads.

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