Martin Bladh & Karolina Urbaniak 

Putrefaction: disintegration of biological material (e.g. proteins) through the operation of microbes, disintegration of corpses 

(cadaver); the agents of putrefaction distinguish themselves partly through a (foul) distinctive smell: hydrogen sulphide, marcaptans, indole, skat-ole, phenol etc. Also appearing: methane, fatty acids, basic substances, usually poisonous, like neurine, putrescine, cadaverine and muscarine.

I chose to believe that several known (and lesser known artists) have turned the aesthetic destruction inwards by staging poetic suicides as a closure to a major body of work. Their lives would be read like straight lines, their works indicated as dots upon these lines which reach contextual perfection in death: the last masterpiece. The protagonist's life becomes a real life drama, his action, work and achievements are enacted as chapters in a novel or tracks on a concept album. The final act of self-annihilation would be his last sublime creation. I fantasise about earning my own pedestal in this private pantheon of beauty. – Martin Bladh

Limited edition of 50


Size 210X27mm 

44 pages colour prints 



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