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'On The New Revelations of Being' is a multimedia work based on Antonin Artaud’s apocalyptic manifesto from 1937. It envisions the end of the world and the death of God through a series of cataclysmic occurrences of Artaudian cruelty. The piece was originally performed as a part of 'Artaud & Sound: To Have Done with the Judgment of God', at the Visconti Studio, London, on 15th September 2018. This final event in a series of events marking the 70th anniversary of Artaud’s death, after previous events at Cabinet and Whitechapel Gallery, focused on Artaud’s experiments with sound and noise, and on contemporary responses to them. This CD/DVD set contains the full audio recording, the backdrop film and the full libretto from the performance.

 Libretto & voice - Martin Bladh

Sound, visuals & production - Karolina Urbaniak​

On The New Revelations of Being

  • Shipping after 1st January 2019

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