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“Man shall be humbled on the plains of his development. He will wander blind from ruin to ruin, cold with fear and chattel to the hunger that gnaws at his bones. His hubris will be stoppered like a flask of wine. He will know his fault by the sun which stands in fiery witness and the wind which breathes its judgement in the final silence of the world. He will roam without a home or a quiet place to make his comfort, the dirt his master and his slave by which he will drive his spirit across the barren waste. He will live as the rats of the field on gnawed corn and dried roots and the decay of drooping fruits.  For Man proclaims the light while stepping into darkest night.” - Sean M. Huber 

Illustrated by Karolina Urbaniak

Sacra  by Sean M. Huber

  • Softbound, sewn with flaps, 80 pages, 148 x 206  

    ISBN: 978-1-915908-01-8

    release date 14 / 05 / 23

  • Sean M. Huber is a writer working in the interstitial spaces of fear, death and the sacred. His work is an attempt to grapple with the terror inherent in sacred experience, the dark cosmos rattling in the grave of the human body. He has published several chapbooks through various small presses including The Extinction Cycle, The Agony of the Sun, Rituals and On Appeasing Angry Gods on Void Front Press, Psalms on Selffuck and Cicatrization on Infinity Land Press all under the pseudonym S.M.H.

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