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Altered Balance, a collaboration between the award-winning poet and novelist, Jeremy Reed, and the photographer, Karolina Urbaniak, is the first book devoted to Coil's founding member, John Balance, who tragically died of a fall on 13 November 2004.


Reed's close personal friendship with Balance is explored in an acutely detailed and moving sequence of poems, in a prose memoir recollecting his frequent visits to Chiswick and Weston Super Mare, and in the facsimile reproduction of a selection of highly idiosyncratic hand written letters of Balance's that comprised a part of their regularly sustained correspondence over a period of eight years. The book is complemented throughout by Karolina Urbaniak's highly empathetic, mood-sensitive photos that resonate with Reed's charged imaginative writing.


''Altered Balance captures Geff's life perfectly. It sometimes makes for uncomfortable reading but that was very much what knowing Geff was like''




Altered Balance - A Tribute to Coil by J. Reed & K. Urbaniak

  • ISBN 978-1-9160091-3-4


    70 Pages


    Limited edition to 200 copies run III

    Limited edition to 150 copies run I

    Limited edition to 100 copies run II

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