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Since 2018 Infinity Land Press has been on a mission to spread the legacy of Antonin Artaud among the English speaking world. The collection spans through Artaud’s whole career, from his early work within the surrealist circle to his final bitter utterances and curses after his release from the mental institution.


The Antonin Artaud Collection includes so far Artaud 1937 Apocalypse - Letters from Ireland, Heliogabalus - Or, the Crowned Anarchist and Succubations and Incubations - Selected Letters 1945-1947


Two more volumes are planned for the near future including Fragments from a Diary in Hell, which collects Artaud’s first three books from the mid-20s, and A Sinister Assassin, an anthology of previously untranslated texts from the final year of Artaud’s life.        


Curse all those who ever tried to silence Artaud.




*Antonin Artaud Collection, sold at a special price of £65 is excluded from the COVID discount offer.

Antonin Artaud Collection


    Succubations & Incubations- Selected Letters of Antonin Artaud (1945-1947)

    Hardbound. 220 pages, 190 x 148mm

    Heliogabalus or, the Crowned Anarchist

    Hardbound, 196 Pages, 190 x 148mm

    Artaud 1937 Apocalypse - Letters from Ireland by Antonin Artaud

    Hardbound, 120 Pages, 190 x 148mm

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